mutual comfort

Choregraphy: Edward Clug
Music: New composition PErpeTuumOVIA by Milko Lazar
Lighting: Tom Visser
Décor & costumes: Edward Clug
Duration: 13 minutes
World première: 19 March 2015, Lucent Danstheater, The Hague

Edward Clug’s choreography is detailed and sharply defined. Often at times, its most distinguishing feature tends to be twitchiness where the bodies flick and jerk so extremely and frequently that it can be interpreted as punctuation; a certain acknowledgment of the beat. As a choreographer, Clug is interested in highlighting the dancer’s individual experience by keeping it fresh in its approach. By doing so, his work leans towards emphasizing a personal experience that arises from the process of creation that is led by illuminating human contradictions, imparting surprising moments of beauty and spontaneous irony.

Choreographer Edward Clug (1973, Romania) debuted with Nederlands Dans Theater with this short creation for NDT2. Clug is artistic director of the Slovenian Maribor Ballet and as a choreographer he received international acclaim with his piece Radio and Juliet (2005), to the music of Radiohead. Clug will again create new work for NDT2 in the programme Straight Around that will premiere on February 18, 2016 in The Hague.